The Power of Conscious Intimacy

Online Workshop

Tantra Healing and the power of

Conscious Intimacy.

Intimacy is a moment of connection, sharing your feelings for the other. In the hustle and bustle of life we often lose that connection. That's why I organize a monthly inspiration moment.

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What can you expect?

Every month a different topic with actionable tips and exercises to immediately apply at home.

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1 extra hour workshop with Q&A

Discover how you, your partner can understand and improve the relationship dynamics.

Who is Gwendoline?

Gwendoline is the driving force behind Tantra Healing, She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to those who choose transformation and an authentic, free and stable relationship.

With her Tantra Healing program she is a unique mentor and inspiration to couples and individuals on their path to freedom and connection. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Tantra, Gwendoline's approach integrates spiritual practices and energy work with leadership and personal growth.

With a deep commitment to support couples to discover their inner potential and find harmony in mind, body and spirit, Gwendoline embodies the essence of empowerment and consciousness.

Discover the power of transformation with Gwendoline and start your journey with Tantra Healing towards self-awareness, balance and fulfillment.

Experiences of other participants

Deeper intimacy and connection,

and awakening your true potential

All I can say, it was magical, beautiful and intense. I actually have no words for it!

You just have to experience it. I was sorry it was over so quickly.


I've rediscovered myself, and I'm bringing home a new man. And all this while I thought I was stuck in my marriage.


What I enjoyed most about the whole thing is that everything happens in a safe and honest atmosphere.

Gwendoline has a very natural way of bringing everything together so that everyone can find their place.

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